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(CLOSED - AUCTION) - Pumpkin Twin Nimques by Armethyle
Example Commission 2 - 800 points by Ionaya
Example Commission 1 - 800 points by Ionaya
(CLOSED AUCTION) Vampire Nimque by Armethyle
Elemental Swords Weapon Adopts (closed) by Nano-Core
Adoptables 1 (4/6 Open) by YovellTheDemon
doggos (open) by weirdkj
emo pup adopt [closed] by Escaboo-Adopts
closed by boykinq
closed by boykinq
Bork YCH by KillerKoiStar
.:OTA:. Reckless idiot CLOSED by ST0NEDDG0AT
Character for Sale by SatanAdopt
Feline Adopt :OPEN: by PilusAdopts
Dainty adopt by KillerKoiStar
Cat adopts! (2/2 OPEN) by KillerKoiStar
.:My Little Pony Adopts:. Male Pegasus - OPEN by AdoptablesLiveHere
.:My Little Pony Adopts:. (3/5) OPEN by AdoptablesLiveHere
[Open] Huge Chibi Pony Adopt Batch by RaynAdopts
Pony adopt nr1 (auction/OPEN) :3 by WeraHatake
FREE Pingi Adoptables [CLOSE] by DelLyra
Offer to adopt -open- by deadline45adopts
Mixed adopts -open- by deadline45adopts
Offer to adopt -open- by deadline45adopts
Mouse Adoptables [CLOSE] by DelLyra
Winged Ferret Types - Adopts - Open -newprice by Leliana86
Point Adoptables OPEN by Rosieposie38
Dragard Adopt (open) by Nano-Core
Animated Feather Dragon Adopt - OTA [Open] by Feralx1
Pinata Dragon Adopt (taken) by arielshere
Inky Rainbow Dragon Adopt (taken) by arielshere
Violet by Roxalew
20Point Twin Anthro Adopts CLOSED by AdoptBonanza
Sailor Lizard Auction CLOSED by AdoptBonanza
LOWERED SB Anthro Adopt Auction 1/2 OPEN by AdoptBonanza
.: SQUISHIE Chibi Adopts :. [2/4OPEN] by AdoptablesLiveHere
.: Cute Chibi Adopts :. [OPEN] by AdoptablesLiveHere
Auction Chibi 10 (CLOSED 0/4) by MikaHK
Adoptables Set 3 (CLOSED  9/15) by MikaHK
[OTA] Caintz-01-04 Warleader ADOPTABLE [OPEN] by IzuKyun
Egg Adopt Hactch 8 (OPEN 10/15) by MikaHK
Calico CLOSED by kana-kana
Kemonomimi Unicorn Point Adopt--OPEN by internetnerd15
Joints Adoptable 2 - OPEN by Karijn-s-Basement
Set Chibi Offer 25% (OPEN 14/25) by MikaHK
Auction Chibi 12 (OPEN 0/1) by MikaHK
Animated Mystery Egg Adopts - NYP [8 Open] by Feralx1
Egg Adopt Hactch 10 (OPEN 9/15) by MikaHK
Egg Adopt Hactch 7 (OPEN 5/15) by MikaHK
Egg Adopt Hactch 5 (OPEN 5/15) by MikaHK
Undertale Ghost Adopt by arielshere
Winged Naga Adopt--OPEN by internetnerd15
Creataur auction close by Twinony
Mixed egg batch #1 Open by MissyOMG
Canine Breedables - OC Set 2 (6 Open) by Feralx1
Canine Breedables - OC Set 3 [12 Open] by Feralx1
Canine Breedables - OC Set 4 [8 Open] by Feralx1
Kitty Breedables by SolluxGod
.:OTA - OPEN:. beardog things by ST0NEDRAINBOWG0ATBUT
Theme Adopts - Mystery Song Pokemon - NYP [3 Open] by Feralx1
im blueee :CLOSED: by CrypticLore
Collab Aderpts :FLATPRICE CLOSED: by CrypticLore
cheap adopts [2/6 left] - points or paypal ! by Escaboo-Adopts
Werewoof Adopts :REDUCED PRICE OPEN: by CrypticLore
Adopt Batch #7 - OPEN by Muu-Tan
canine adopts [closed] by Escaboo-Adopts
Old weapon adopts SALE! (5/5 open) by Nano-Core
canine auction [open] - ends tomorrow! by Escaboo-Adopts
[Open 1/3] Auction Stegocats by ErithAdopts
Tiny Adopts (Auction)(Collab) by DADSELF
Egg Adopt Hactch 3 (OPEN 7/15) by MikaHK
Egg Adopt Hactch (OPEN 7/15) by MikaHK
(6/7 OPEN) Misc. fantasy adopt auctions by EOScears
Cowtaur Girl TC5 Adopt--OPEN by Tangerineandpuce
Original Species
Hesper adopts by KillerKoiStar
Taiika Adopt Customs - Open by Feralx1
Taiika - Closed Species by Feralx1
Playlist Mystery Laments - NYP [7 Open] by Feralx1
Only 3 DAYS LEFT to buy a slot. And I'm not very busy, so I'll probably get them done very quickly

Fantasy Breedables--CLOSED by internetnerd15
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Armethyle Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey there! I'm holding an Auction right now! It ends in a few days! Starting Bid only 50 :points:…
Hyo-NHN Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2016  Hobbyist
My friend open an auction adoptable that end in 3rd june!
please take a look cause the adoptable is so cute, pinky, oppai (?), and adorable >.<
please visit here: Auction| Choco-strawberry Candy Bun
ApocaAdopts Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for submitting my deviation to your group c:
Neko-the-Bumblecat Featured By Owner May 3, 2014
Hi there. c:

One of your members, Minka-Adopts, has been posting stolen art as adopts and refuses to remove them. She also just hides every comment that mentions  that or links to evidence of her theft.

Just wanted to let you know.
Adoptrixen Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014…
join this contest for a 100 points prixe ;u;
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